Is there any woman that doesn’t love clear, healthy and glowing skin? The answer is pretty obvious; there isn’t. Healthy skin is crucial in order to look and feel great. But apart from eating well and drinking a lot of water daily, there are a few simple steps that every woman no matter her age, should do consistently for a “picture perfect” complexion.

As festive season is upon us with parties, events or family gatherings to attend, gorgeous skin becomes a necessity.

So here are 3 easy steps that will help you achieve glowing skin and retain a simple skin-care routine all year round!

Cleansing your skin every morning when you wake up, as well as removing thoroughly your make up before you go to bed are very important for your skin’s health. You can choose a gentle cleanser for the morning like the Purity simple cleanser from Philosophy and a nourishing cleansing balm or oil like the Take The Day Off balm from Clinique for the evening. Balms and oils are perfect for dissolving even the heaviest make up quickly and effortlessly. If you are not into make up, you can easily use the same cleanser for morning and evening.


The next step after cleansing your skin is the use of a toner. What is it for? Toners not only remove every trace of left-over make up or dirt from your skin’s surface, but they refresh and rejuvenate the complexion immediately. They prepare your skin for the next step, which is hydration. This way, the ingredients of your moisturizer will penetrate your skin even deeper leaving it feeling super soft! A great option is the Ultra Facial Toner from Kiehl’s which soothes the skin wonderfully.

Last but not least we have hydration. No matter what skin type you may have, hydration is key. The only thing to consider is getting a moisturizer suitable for your needs. If you have oily skin, you should go with a light weight gel consistency like the Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel from Clinique and if you are more to the dryer side, opt for a heavier, more nourishing option like the Ultra Repair Cream from First Aid Beauty.



Perfect skin is awaiting!

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