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Sany Skincare

We caught up with the founder of Sany Skincare to talk about her new beauty company

Sany Skincare is a new skin care line, getting the benefits from coconut and olive oil, and fortified with plant extracts to help lift and firm, and aid in miniaturization and hydration. All women deserve beautiful, youthful looking skin with ingredients that are enriched in vitamins. Sandy Dash has the best line to get you there.

DBG: Congratulations on the launch of Sany Skincare! What inspired you to start the line?
SD: I have always used Olive and Coconut on my skin, had not seen any lines out there with both oils combined and wanted to create a skincare with a cause.

DBG: When did Sany Skincare begin?
SD: We had been in development since 2013, but launched in 2017

DBG: From concept to execution, how long did it take you to create your range-tell us about any obstacles and how you got around them?
SD: Lots of obstacles in the way as in any business. It’s been tough competing against the Loreal’s of the world. We have a unique product line that actually works, so we get the word out by referrals and being at every event we can possibly be at.

DBG: What makes Sany Skincare different?
SD: I was the Guinea Pig for years, and when I started seeing results, I knew this product was different because the results speak for itself.

DBG: What is the mission of your company?
SD: To hire as many women who need a second chance in the corporate world.

DBG: What are your popular products or best seller in the range?
SD: SANY Exfoliating Cleanser and SANY Firming and Lifting Creme for the Neck and Decolletage.

DBG: What excites you the most about your industry?
SD: Seeing people coming back and saying the products actually work and that they actually see a difference.

DBG: What product can you not live without when traveling?
SD: SANY Firming and Lifting Creme for Neck and Decolletage

DBG: What next for Sany Dash, how would you like to see yourself, and your business in ten years?
SD: Running an empire with my name behind it. SANY, is quite catchy isn’t it? 🙂

DBG: What would your advice to beauty entrepreneurs be? How can people find you?
SD: They can find me online. Keep hustling, one day you will hit it big, just don’t quit in the middle, change up what’s not working, but don’t you ever quit.

DBG: Do you have any new skincare products in the pipeline?
SD: Yes, we recently discovered SANY Silky Contour Serum works great for the hair and not just for the face, so we are in the process of getting FDA approved to start a line for hair care.

To find more information about Sany Skincare follow her on:






Or visit: www.sanyskincare.com


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