How to Take Your Makeup Skills to Pro Level

How to Take Your Makeup Skills to Pro Level


Most makeup pros start out as mere enthusiasts. Their fascination began at home while observing their mothers or sisters fancy up for work and special occasions.

Interest or fascination is the perfect starting point for the desire to learn how to do makeup really well. From this, one naturally starts to explore and discover the power of makeup. And from taking the first step, the continuous flow of learning and skills is built up.

Such a process can take a lot of time because it involves a lot of trial and error along the way. You do not have to take the same route anymore, though, especially if you have your heart set on becoming a pro.

If you wish to take your makeup skills to an expert level, here’s how to go about it:

1.  Sign up for pro makeup classes.

Taking professional makeup courses to elevate your skills is actually the best move you can make. Learn from makeup experts in a more personal way. Observe their skills more closely and ask questions about lessons that are not clear to you.

This is what makes actually taking makeup artist classes better than simply learning from makeup gurus online — the more personal approach that you can take. With the large YouTube community, your queries can easily get lost along the way that even the most devoted online makeup teacher will find it hard to provide you with the answers you are looking for.

2. Watch makeup tutorials online on the side.

Sephora and professional celebrity makeup artists like Mario, Pat McGrath, Mally Roncal share their tips and tricks online. You still can pick up a lot of new lessons from them as you hone your own pro makeup style and study up in an actual class.

3. Watch makeup reviews as well.

Do not skip reading about makeup reviews because it is beneficial to know the right products for your budget.

Bad quality makeup can mess you up psychologically and make you question the important makeup application techniques you are trying to learn.

4. Learn skin care on the side.

All makeup pros emphasize the importance of a good base, which is healthy skin as it helps makeup apply more smoothly. Plus, the products for skin care create a good barrier between your skin and makeup.

When you become a certified makeup professional, it will not be uncommon to encounter clients who are clueless about the value of skin care for makeup looks. It is part of your job to educate them on how skin care goes hand in hand with makeup in enhancing a person’s physical appearance.

Likewise, knowing proper skin care will help you improve your personal process as a makeup artist because you will be dealing with all kinds of skin types. A deep understanding of skin care will allow you to accurately choose the best products and tools for every job.

For this, befriend dermatologists and other skin aestheticians.

5. Practice, practice, practice.

Get loads of practice. Every time you come up with innovative makeup looks or see a complex makeup look that you like, try it on yourself and other people. Makeup pros should be able to replicate any type of editorial makeup on any face. The best way to develop the skills for this is through frequent practice.

Taking your skills to the pro level is all about learning constantly, putting what you have learned into action, and practicing as much as you can. This will keep your passion for makeup alive and help ensure continuous growth in your craft.


Toni Malt is the Middle East’s leading international editorial makeup artist and the woman behind the highly anticipated Toni Malt Makeup Academy in the heart of Dubai, now training the next generation of key makeup artists. From minimalistic looks to freestyle artistic creations, Toni’s creative work has been published in top international fashion magazines around the world including VOGUE, ELLE, L’Officiel, Marie Claire, Harper’s BAZAAR, Grazia and Cosmopolitan.

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