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5 Reasons Laser Hair Removal is the Unbeatable Gift For The Beauty Conscious in Your Life

5 Reasons Laser Hair Removal is the Unbeatable Gift For The Beauty Conscious in Your Life

Laser hair removal seems like an unorthodox gift, and it is, but if you have a beauty conscious friend or loved one in your life, then it’s practical and sensible, but it’s a thrilling present all the same—whether you’re giving it to someone you love or yourself. It’s the right choice for any friend who regularly books threading and waxing appointments. Why is it a top-notch option? Let us count the ways.

It’s an Anytime Kind of Gift

The beauty guru in your life can use the gift anytime s/he likes. With threading, waxing, and plucking, you have to wait for hair to sprout to do anything. That’s not the case with laser hair removal. Surface hair isn’t a deal breaker. In fact, it’s a good idea to shave or wax only a day or two before the appointment, whereas the fuzz has to grow between waxing sessions.

For the record, it’s an anywhere kind of gift, as well. Laser hair removal can take place anywhere, from the bikini line to the face. Your friend can use it for serious eyebrow sculpting or the removal of stubborn hair from an unwanted location.

A Surprisingly Low-Cost Option

Depending on your budget, you may think that hair removal is out of the realm of possibility, but it’s not as expensive as you think it is. The median cost of a session of laser hair removal is approximately $293, which isn’t a steep amount for, say, a best friend’s birthday gift or a holiday present for a sister. Get a bunch of your pals to contribute to the gift, and it’s even more affordable.

It’s Practically Painless


Perhaps “practically” is a strong word. On the scale of painful hair removal methods, laser removal falls between shaving, which doesn’t hurt at all unless you nick yourself, and waxing, which is like molten lava on your skin. Some people are more sensitive to it than others, who may not experience more than a slight sting. A day of discomfort is worth a six-month vacation from hot wax. Likewise, you won’t suffer dry skin from shaving.

Unbeatable Precision

Converts praise laser hair removal for its precision. The method hits the hairs directly at their follicles. Intense pulsed light, or IPL, removal is popular because of its ability to do that. It’s also an ideal pick for anyone with a darker skin tone. The ability to target specific areas leads to noticeably faster results, as well.

More Effective Over Time

laser hair removal

Over time, laser hair removal has permanent effects. Your friend may need to continue the treatments following the gift of the first one unless you go big with a gift certificate that covers several sessions. At any rate, some folks enjoy the permanent loss of their targeted hair within just three sessions. For others, it may take as many as seven courses, but that’s less than what you spend for a lifetime of waxing appointments and about on par with the lifetime cost of shavings. Razors are crazy expensive, after all.

You know your friends and loved ones. If you’re aware that a friend spends all her time waxing or shaving and hates it, or if your sister mentions that she has problem areas that could benefit from hair removal, jump at the chance to give them a gift certificate for laser hair removal. Why not snag one for yourself, too?

Author Bio: Tess is a Santa Monica-based freelance writer and content strategist. As a passionate yogi for over 10 years, she is an advocate for healthy, balanced lifestyles. She writes about the latest developments in yoga, alternative medicine, and the benefits of natural, wild-crafted ingredients in skincare and beauty products. She also does collaborative branding efforts with up-and-coming designers and fashion companies

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