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Ascend Cycle

Ascend Cycle: Step into our studio, clip in, get ready to work. The lights go down, and our instructors turn up the intensity with big beats, climbs, sprints, and jumps. Focused drills to move you in and out of your aerobic and anaerobic heart rate zones keep these rides as effective as they are fun. Clip in with our shoes to borrow, or bring your own.

Ascend Cycle offers state-of-the-art performance measures at your fingertips during each ride. With our PIQ system, we track your distance, calories burned, RPMs, heart rate, and power. Your stats are in your inbox as soon as your ride ends so you can track your progress. Enjoy our refreshingly chilled minty towels post-ride as you reflect on your achievement.

Exercise has always been a therapeutic release for me. When I’m riding, I am able to let go, allowing the beat to take over, shifting my thoughts to my breath and the music. My heart pumping, my muscles burning, it all sets the stage for a kind of mental clarity that I can’t achieve anywhere else. On the bike I remember who I am. I remember that I am strong – physically and mentally. When it’s over, I have a fresh perspective. Suddenly, the little stressors of the day don’t seem as powerful, and I’m refocused and ready to be the best I can be for my family, my friends, my business, and for myself.

That’s how Ascend Cycle was born.
I wanted to create a place where I could give this experience to others – a place to gain fresh perspective after hard work and lots of sweat, a place to remember what we’re capable of. Ascend Cycle is that place. The experience we deliver – from the lighting to the beats to the challenging intervals to the cold towel at the end of the ride – is all designed to create a place that encourages us to be our very best.
I invite you to be a part of our growing community, where we climb higher, sprint faster, and Ascend – together.

The Underground Experience

The lights are low but the energy is high. Power. Strength. Stamina. Three stations to hit your peak.

Ascend Underground is total body workout using top of the line strength training equipment & Stages indoor cycling bikes. Short & intense intervals combine weights, plyometrics and power drills on the bike. Our coaches push you in and out of your peak zone. Results: More muscle. Better endurance. Confidence to crush your goals inside the studio and out.

Click here to uncover your inner badass Underground.


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