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Cualtzin Salon – We are an eco-friendly salon.

Cualtzin Salon – Cualtzin: The word originates from Nahuatl, the language of the Aztec Empire, and is still spoken in some parts in the Valley of Mexico. Cualtzin means pretty, beautiful, gorgeous.

An Aztec legend tells that when the people of the Aztec Empire were exhausted and stressed, they went to a natural hot water spring to soak and relax. The natural spring was surrounded by an oasis of beautiful fragrant flowers and peaceful nature. It was an escape. Once inside, the person might soak their feet or feel refreshed with a full body soak.

At Cualtzin Salon, we invite you to join in the traditions of the Aztec people. We invite you to relax in the peaceful oasis of our Salon. Once inside, you’ll find a retreat, and escape, where you can relax and let the stress melt away as we take care of you. At Cualtzin Salon, we focus on what we love to do, and what we do with excellence. We focus on taking care of your hair.

Cualtzin Salon performs customized hair services,with the most creative and latest techniques and with outstanding customer service performed by knowledgeable and friendly professional staff. Cualtzin Salon uses organic plant base products and naturally derived, the highest quality and environmentally friendly products on the market. focusing on complete customer satisfaction.

Cualtzin employees continue to advance their skills and keep up on the newest techniques and styles through continual advanced education offered on a regular basis. Services will be personalized with each customer and will provide outstanding customer service, as customer satisfaction is essential.

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