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Lisa Reed Fitness

We provide In-Home personal training, group training, boot camp, weight loss and nutrition programs in the Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia areas, as well as, online all over the World!

Our training programs includes Mens & Women’s Health, Fiance Fitness, Pre and Post natal Healthy Moms, Athletes(youth to the professional athlete in every sport), bikini/fitness/figure competitors, and anyone wanting a life transformation!

LRF Training Method
Professional training with individualized attention

Customized workouts based specifically on each client’s needs and goals.

Dynamic warm-ups, workouts, and cool-downs that are fun and challenging.

We incorporate mobility, activation drills, strength, and flexibility exercises in every workout! Our personalized sessions help clients step out of their comfort zone with workouts that include a variety of exercises adapted to each individual. We always perform a proper warm-up and include specific “LRF T.L.C” exercises based on what each clients needs. We also provide a proper cool down and a post workout stretch.

Emphasis on form, function, and technique
LRF trainers focus on teaching how to perform exercises correctly to gain maximum benefits

Develop a mind-muscle connection in each session
We use positive coaching cues to teach clients to feel and acknowledge the way each exercise makes each specific muscle work. We ask specific questions within each training session to engage both the mind and muscles in turn creating more and better results.

Valuable motivation
Participating in regular sessions with an LRF trainer motivates clients to attend scheduled sessions as well as accomplish workouts on their own.

Empowerment through positivity
We teach clients to adopt a can-do attitude through modeling behavior and focusing on positive tools for change.

Assistance with incremental goal-setting
We help our clients achieve their goals by breaking them down into smaller steps that are specific and realistic. We encourage clients to take the “one-step-at-a-time” approach and we help assess progress towards each short and long term goals accordingly.

LRF sets ground rules to keep clients motivated and focused in a time efficient manner.

Create personal connections through kindness and availability
We build genuine relationships with our clients and the sessions are always about the client. We also provide accountability and support where we see fit outside of training sessions.

Connection to Community
Every client is #REEDiculouslyFit and a part of the LRF Fit Family.


Rates for LRF Trainers only. To work with Lisa is $200.00 per session and is subject to availability.

One On One Training Sessions

  • 25 Session Pack $115 Per Session
  • 8 Session Pack $120 Per Session
  • One Session $130 Per Session

Partner Training (Two Clients)

  • 24 Session Pack $65 Per Session / Per Client
  • 8 Session Pack $70 Per Session / Per Client

Group Training (3-5 Clients)

  • 24 Session Pack $45 Per Session / Per Client
  • 8 Session Pack $50 Per Session / Per Client

Boot Camp (6+ Clients)

  • 8 Session Pack $25 Per Session / Per Client – Drop in Boot Camp is $35 per session

LRF Customized Fitness Plan $200

  • Online 4-Week Individual Customized Fitness Plan – Emailed to you

LRF Customized Nutrition Plan $500

  • 4-week Customized Nutrition Plan – All questions answered in 48 hours

LRF Personalized YouTube Workout $100

  • One custom YouTube video developed by Lisa made for you specifically

$5. more per session if once per week training.
$10. more per session if 10-20 miles from LRF trainer home.

*All 24 session packs expire 12 weeks after date of purchase. All 8 session packs expire 4 weeks after date of purchase. Exceptions are case by case basis and must be done in writing and signed by both parties. Additional fees may apply.

Boot Camp
Personal Training
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