Row House Old Town Alexandria

Row House Old Town Alexandria

row house

Row House, a boutique fitness concept is revolutionizing the way people view indoor rowing. Co-founders and husband/wife team, Eric Von Frohlich and Debra Strougo took the rowing machine out of the corner, and put it front in center. Born of the couple’s search for a workout that two individuals with varying fitness levels could do together, they created a workout that gives people of all different shapes, sizes, and abilities an efficient and effective workout.

The Workout Defined

Build aerobic endurance and muscular strength all in one workout. With a challenging combination of classes that incorporate resistance training, rowing and stretching, you will get the most out of a Row House workout. Everyone can be, and is part of, the Row House experience. Come meet your crew!

  • Full Body
  • Low Impact
  • Cardio
  • All Levels

Three Workout Elements

The Science
Backed by science and data, the benefits of rowing are unparalleled. Each workout produces maximum results by engaging over 85% of your body’s muscles (legs, core, arms, back), delivering the perfect balance of aerobic endurance and muscular strength all in one workout.

The Experience
With the lights down low and the music up, you’ll be swept away into an immersive experience where everyone rows in-sync, and the world outside will cease to exist. It’ll just be just you, your crew, your goals and at the end, your accomplishments.

The Results
The erg also referred to as an indoor rowing machine, is calibrated to measure the amount of energy each rower is using. Optimize your performance with each stroke, set goals, and gain real results through our recorded data and Row House app.

Our Classes

Build strength, endurance, and confidence with our 6 different class types. Each class has a different focus and programming varies to help you progress throughout the week to avoid plateaus. There’s a seat for everyone!

The Benefits Of Rowing

Effective Aerobic Exercise

  • Activating so many major muscle groups will raise your heart rate and increase your oxygen intake for an effective cardio workout.

Weight Loss

  • Our method of interval training boosts your fat-burning progress by alternating rowing intensity between high and low.


  • The required push and pull is fairly unique to other machines, and the set up means one of the benefits is strength training.

Low Impact

  • Rowing is gentle on the joints but still gets your heart rate up, breaks a sweat and builds muscle without breaking the body down.

Increased Endurance

  • Build endurance with short bursts on and off the rowing machine. Our classes will help build cardiovascular performance.


  • Row House is more than just a workout, it’s about people, connection, strength, and community. We don’t intimidate or alienate.



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