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New Line of Naturally-Made Haircare Products By Grandpa Soap Company


By Pamela Mgude

The Grandpa Soap Company Launches New Line of Naturally-Made Haircare Products By Grandpa Soap Company



“Born and bred” in Kentucky in 1878, The Grandpa Soap Company’s one of the oldest functional soap making corporation in young America. This year this well-known brand doesn’t disappoint as they introduce their natural hair care products for those of us trying to steer clear of anything chemical related.

Using Pine Tar with natural properties of Tea tree oil their Pine Tar Scalp-Therapy helps you combat dry, itchy scalps. While for those of us that like playing with color, three additional shampoos and conditioners have been introduced to help purity, rejuvenate, calm, and restore healthy hair to its original shine using Buttermilk, Rosemary, and Rose clay.

To make the deal sweeter this Women- operated, family-owned company operated by Molly Oliver Vollmer and sister/ co-CEO Katherine Oliver Jarnigo stay true to their core roots which are to provide simple, effective products that provide head to toe cleanliness. At a reasonable price of $8.49- $9.99, check amazon.com, LuckyVitamin.com, iHerb.com or Grandpasoap.com for these products. Or go to your local supermarkets/ independent natural grocery chains to get your natural product fix.



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