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Pre-Wedding Laser Hair Removal Tips and Ideas

Are you concerned about laser hair removal and you want to get this procedure before your wedding? Here are some tips and ideas to help you out in this regard.

Most of the individuals want to get rid of unwanted hair on their body. Specifically, women are in this trouble to eliminate excessive hair on their body precisely from legs, neck, and face. In your wedding, you plan lots of chores that are compulsory to complete before your wedding ceremony. Hair removal is one of these important chores. To make everything smooth, we are here with some amazing tips and ideas that will help you in getting pre-wedding laser hair removal. Laser technology is used for hair removal to make it possible for you to get rid of unwanted hair for a long period of time. You must have various questions in mind, read on to know answers to your queries.

How Does It Work?

First of all, you need to know how the procedure works. It is essential to clear the concept as the insight of having the procedure is important. The laser refers to a beam of light that restricts the reproduction of your hair by affecting the cycle of each hair follicle. The beam passes through your hair follicles and damages them but it doesn’t affect your skin badly.

The laser rays convert into the heat when they pass through your skin. After that, heat is absorbed by the dark pigment of your hair that is known as melanin. Next, the produced heat damages hair follicle and restrict further growth.

Who Are Good Candidates?

Another important aspect is to know who good candidates for the advanced treatment are. If your complexion is light but your hair color is darker than your complexion, then you are a good candidate. The darker hair you have, the more effective results you will get, as laser hits the melanin of each hair follicle. However, with the advent of advanced lasers, it becomes possible to treat darker skin areas with outstanding results.

Avoid Direct Sun Exposure Before & After Having LHR

When you want to go for getting the treatment, you need to keep yourself safe from direct sun exposure. You have to be safe for at least 4 weeks prior to the procedure. Moreover, once you get the treatment then again you have to avoid sun exposure for almost 3-4 weeks. Sun rays damage your skin and affect the healing process badly. In case, you need to go out in the day time then apply a good sunscreen on your skin to keep it safe.

Your Practitioner Will Perform a Patch Test before Procedure

It is essential and highly recommended to do a patch test before starting the procedure. Unfortunately, the skin of every person reacts differently to the laser. Pigmentation and scarring may happen so you should allow your practitioner to perform a patch test before the procedure.

How Long The Procedure May Take?

Your procedure may take almost 20 to 60 minutes in completion. It depends on the texture of your skin and hair and the area that you want to be treated. Well, you can go back to your routine right after getting the procedure.

How Much It Costs?

The cost may vary on the basis of the machine that your practitioner is going to use, skills of your practitioner, and on the basis of other important aspects. For this purpose, you need to consult with your doctor to know the exact cost.

Multiple Sessions Are Required For Results

Wait! Don’t be in hurry. Keep this fact in mind that one session isn’t enough to get results. You have to go for multiple sessions, however, the number of required sessions is different individually. It may take up to 3 months for revealing results so you should plan this treatment for almost 3 months before your wedding ceremony.

Can it be applied on any Part of Body?

Yes, you can get this procedure in any area of your body. However, you should avoid getting it on your upper cheeks, eyebrows, and temples of your face. Moreover, it is a must for both practitioner and client to wear protective eyewear during procedure.

Is The Procedure Safe?

Yes, for sure, the procedure is approved by FDA and it is safe if performed by a highly skilled practitioner. Everybody isn’t capable of performing this procedure as it requires specific expertise. Whenever you go for getting a procedure then you need to know if the practitioner is skilled enough or not.

What Do You need To Know When Going to Select a Practitioner?

You need to know the expertise of the practitioner and you may ask for the client testimonials. It is the best way to know if you will get satisfactory results or not.

Is One Session Is Enough To Get Results?
No, only one session is never enough to get results from the procedure of laser hair removal. You need to get multiple sessions. Hence, how many sessions are enough for you and what should be the duration for next session, you need to discuss these aspects with your practitioner.

Avoid Biggest Mistake

It is recommended to select the clinic on the basis of its reputation, expertise of the practitioners, and commitments that they make. Most of the people make the biggest mistake to select a clinic just on the basis of price. Hence, there are different companies that are serving their outstanding services at cost-effective rates for laser hair removal.

Why Getting Consultation Is Important?

Last but not the least, consult with your doctor before getting the laser removal is highly recommended. You may wonder why it is necessary. It is important because in this session you doctor will analyze your skin and know your expected results. Then on the basis of the texture of your skin, he will let you know how many sessions are required to achieve your goal. Moreover, he will provide you details regarding preoperative and postoperative instructions that are vital to follow. In addition to it, the initial consultation is the best opportunity for you to get the answers to your all queries. So, don’t avoid this step if you really want to keep yourself safe from any disaster.



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