VIP Package


10 listing postings
365 days availability
3 featured listing options
Video posting
1 feature event listing
Promoted listing on DBG Social Media Sites
Up to 10 images
Technical support




Our VIP package listings cost is $35 per month or $420 per year and includes ten (10) feature listing options

Niche Directory. Having a listing on our niche directory, helps increase your search engine visibility, which help your site rank well for relevant search terms, which can increase the percentage of targeted traffic that you receive from the search engines.

Stylish Directory. Our comprehensive sleek online directory for beauty, spa, fitness and wellness facilities is highly enriched with stylish imagery and beautiful design to bring out the perfect picture to targeted audience.

Exclusive Branding Page. We do not believe in including competing display advertising on your listing page, therefor you will never see banner ads on your branding page. Your listing on District Beauty Guide is dedicated exclusively to your services or brand. With each listing, we strive to bring out the best in your brand or business by exclusively featuring complete images, location map, driving direction, 3D viewing, reviews and videos all based on your descriptions and specifications.

Additionally, each listing includes the following information:
• Brand name with an actual photo of your business. We asked that you do not upload your logo as it does not represent what services you provide.
• Summary of brand key features and benefits
• Full category range listing
• Product/service listings across all relevant product/service categories including hi-res images, business hours, location amenities and retail price information


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